Volvo Space proposes a futuristic user-centric travel solution that goes from land to water and even air

Space the size of a shed that can fly in the air like a big quadcopter, tread through water like a speed boat, and commute on road like other lounge car concepts we’ve seen. This is done via the docking mobility modules which give the user freedom to use the Volvo Space as the need arises!

Practical mobility that does more than just take one from destination A to B is the way for the future. There are plenty of vehicle concepts that are centered around the comfortable lounging experience supported by the airiness and tech-laden utilities. The Volvo Space however takes things a few levels higher with a vision of commuting people not just on the roads but on water and in the air too. According to the designer Joon-yeop Bae, the vision is to create a compact and comfortable space that is highly modular in nature- much like the mobile homes of the current era. It is about lounging, working, and entertainment without missing the cozy confines of the home.

Joon has crafted the mobility vehicle pod from the architectural perspective, hence, the use of lifting tatami structure for the interior design layout. So, we are talking about a space which will be a reading or working nook in the day, and a comfortable place to sleep by night time. The rotating ability of the structure brings to the equation multiple postures for different utilities via the pop-up table. To keep the users at peace in this comfort-driven world – there are wireless charging docks, interactive surround speakers, lamps, cup holders, and an extra basket. There are multiple lighting options as well to create the right ambient space as desired.

Exterior and the interior of the Volvo Space becomes blurred with the fully opening hinge which is ideal for a warm sunny day. The ceiling also opens up like blinds of a window to let more light inside for an airy feel. The overall design of this thought-provoking concept is interesting, and no doubt the project has won the 2021 Volvo Design competition.

Designer: Joon-yeop Bae