The Power Of White

I want a car that’s sporty yet contemporary; elegant yet extravagant, chic yet rugged. I think I want the White Vapor; but then again maybe not. The front fender reminds me of my husband’s old shaver, but Oliver says he’s rounded it to prevent pedestrians from injuries. Point noted Mr. May. Following a “puristic sports car layout” expect no doors or roof and a twin cockpit. The choice of a right or left steering wheel setting is possible, making it suitable for US and European roads.

The car tires appear to be slim silhouetted due to a “shorter sidewall height, a larger wheel diameter and a fine line between the rim and the tire’s carcass.” The chassis is constructed out of lightweight aluminum and carbon to keep the car light and fuel efficient. Suitable to be equipped with “in-wheel drive” for each tire, the car design touts the eco-friendly tag by including hybrid/fuel cell propulsion to guarantee zero emissions.

Designer: Oliver May


White Vapor Michelin Concept Car by Oliver May