This tiny cabin rises above the ground on four stilts to mimic treehouses

Wauhaus is a 20sqm tiny cabin on stilts that was inspired by the build of treehouses.

Even when we were little, we dreamed of escaping to some treehouse in the forest, free from the humdrum of everyday life to start a new one in the woods. Taking cues from the treehouses that defined our childhoods, Hello Wood, an international architecture studio based in Budapest, designed Wauhaus. Perched above a sloping hillside in Hungary’s Zala County, Wauhaus is a tiny cabin inspired by children’s treehouses that depends on four stilts to remain aboveground.

Spurred by the recent popularity gained by mobile lifestyles and downsized living, the architects at Hello Wood tried their hand at constructing their own tiny cabin. Describing this recent cultural shift towards tiny, mobile living, Hello Wood writes,

“Treehouses, design cabins, forest huts, glamping–the long-lasting popularity of exciting accommodations is not surprising; many of us want to leave behind the noise of the city from time to time and get closer to nature. Modern treehouses–which take the children’s tree platforms to a whole new level–provide this experience. We can retreat in a canopy-level house or a cabin with legs to watch the wildlife of the quiet forest, listen to the rustle of leaves, or immerse ourselves in the view unfolding before us.”

Envisioned to be a private workspace or remote holiday retreat, the 20sqm Wauhaus keeps a low profile and the charm in the details. Reinforced by triple screws, Wauhaus rises above the ground on four wooden beams of varying heights to form a unique silhouette and standing profile. The exterior facades are wrapped in graphite gray larch planking to maintain a discreet profile amidst the cabin’s natural surroundings.

A side ramp gradually ascends from the ground to the home’s entrance. Inside, residents are greeted by an open-plan layout that culminates as a single space that leaves enough room for a workstation or sleeping accommodations, a small kitchenette, and a bathroom. The interiors are planked by natural birch plywood, offering a sun-soaked, bright contrast to the tiny cabin’s gray-scale exterior.

Designer: Hello Wood