This truly foldable chair folds into the size of a backpack!

Folding furniture has been the norm in my home – living in a tiny home as I did. While there is a certain ease of usage and modularity that comes with having foldable furniture – going from a living room to an open floor plan in minutes, Edoardo’s design gives it a twist that’ll make it easier for you to actually carry the chair on your back without sacrificing on the material used (I’m talking about you, fabric camping chairs!)

The Lu chair gives this simple and popular idea a modern makeover, make furniture foldable and transportable easily. And this is the best foldable chair I have seen so far! The Lu chair folds without effort and can be carried around very easily. A lot of designs we see are foldable but even after folding not easy to carry around or takes too much time to fold. Made up of plastic, this makes the mechanism work perfectly. As Lu explains, “Many times we find ourselves having to put away objects, perhaps to make room, perhaps to clean the house and sometimes even to take them with us, but above all for furniture of a certain level it is always very difficult. This is where “Lu chair” was born, a dining chair suitable for different types of target, from the most elegant and sophisticated with an eye to detail but also to a younger, fashion-conscious audience. The design is innovative and elegant at the same time and the name “Lu” derives precisely from “luggage” because of its ease of being resealable and transportable wherever you want.”

Speaking of folding, it folds up like a backpack or into a small size that fits into a box! The backrest and the legs fold and join/closed with a rubber strap that also doubles as a handle. In that sense, this is a truly foldable chair.

Designer: Edoardo Accordi