This cat furniture system features multifunctional modules for cats and their humans both to enjoy!

Me;ow is a modular cat furniture system that features multifunctional modules for humans and cats to enjoy.

The feline urge to scratch the first piece of furniture in the home you see—cats have an instinctual urge to scratch in order to express certain emotions like excitement or stress, to mark objects with their scent, or just to stretch.

Unfortunately, that instinct is usually taken out on our sofas, armchairs, and wooden furniture. In response, many designers have been conceptualizing modular, feline-friendly furniture that looks right at home in any modern living room, not just the cat’s den.

Me;ow, one such modular cat furniture design, takes feline-friendly furniture and makes it palatable for human taste too. Comprised of multiple, colorful sofa modules, Me;ow features differently shaped cushions that link together to form various furniture configurations. The different pieces of Me;ow also have integrated cat-specific features that encourage your cat to get down with their feline urges to their heart’s content.

On one rectangular module that can doubly be used as a seat rest for humans, cats can enjoy an embedded scratching board to paw away at while their human relaxes on the couch. Another cylindrical module can attach to the seat rest module and function as an armrest while providing a fun tunnel in which cats can lounge or play. Then, standalone modules work as buffers between the multifunctional pieces to provide more cushion space for both you and your cat. Me;ow even features a side table module with an integrated bed below the tabletop where cats can get their snooze on.

The colorful modules all link together with a secure fastening mechanism for extended and durable playtime. Equipped with a climbing system, Me;ow also comes with freestanding modules that can mount on any wall to provide a space for your cat to romp and jump a safe distance away from the ever-so scratchable furniture.

Designer: 노-수민