A collar-based Motorola tracker that brings IoT and Smart Tech to your furry-friend!

I imagine that smart-gadgets for pets could just be a very hot category nobody’s picked up on. People are going to great lengths to deliver great care for their pets, so imagine being able to leverage smart-technology to make their life better? It has the potential to be massive!

This is the Motorola Activa, an IoT Device that sits on your dog’s collar. It uses a GPS sensor and a temperature sensor to help you know the whereabouts of your dog, and whether they’re feeling hot or cold. The Activa lets you track your pet’s location if they ever escape, and even gather information on how they’re feeling. Moreover, as a preventive measure, you can set up a geo-fence too, so when your pet does happen to wander outside its territory, you receive an instant notification alerting you of your pet’s whereabouts.

The Activa is a pretty basic approach to what IoT can do for pets, but imagine how far we could go. You could make phone calls and talk to your pets, capture their POV using an image-stabilized camera, and even play music to calm your pet down when they’re angry, anxious, or scared. The opportunities are limitless!

Designer: Sebastien Sauvage for Motorola Mobility LLC.