This office chair’s hanging seat uses micro-body movements to maintain your posture during WFH!

The current pandemic situation is such that working from home is the new normal. Even more so for people who have to sit all day long in front of their PC’s, especially for computer-related tasks. After all, sitting on your normal chair can take a toll on the overall health and elevate niggling problems like back and neck pain. Even if you have an ergonomic chair that supports your body, the freedom of upper body movement is still missing. With this in mind, Tai Matlin and Taiwon Choi of Fellowes have designed an office chair with a hanging seating position that follows the body movements. The hanging seat ensures maximum comfort for the spine, hips, and lower limbs at all times – no matter how long you’ve been sitting!

The unique chair design with patented Omni-Kinetic Suspension Technology for micro-body movement in multiple directions prevents fatigue during long hours of sitting. Keeping in mind the extended working hours Elea chair has a contoured design to support natural spine alignment and the lumbar positioning which all goes well for long-term health benefits. The chair also boasts adjustable tension and balanced support which most of the office chairs simply don’t have. Other than that a lot of thought has been put into the designing of every single little detail of this chair which will leave nothing to complaining. Winner of the IDSA Award, the team says “The seat pan is suspended with steel rods that allow the seat—and you—to freely move while ensuring proper balance and stability. By introducing micromovement into the workday, the Elea Office Chair encourages improved circulation, heart health, muscle, and joint flexibility, and mental alertness. From an executive office to open workspaces, Elea keeps you in flow while you work.”

Elea office chair is constructed from industrial-grade alloy steel rods and the cast aluminum frame which both works in tandem to distribute the overall body weight for enhanced durability. Also, the sturdy build courtesy of the curved chassis ensures the same level of comfort for years to come. This has an overall impact on your physical health as well as mental wellbeing, as you’ll be less stressed out thanks to the comfortable seating position every day of work.

Designers: Tai Matlin and Taiwon Choi of Fellowes