This sleek, sustainable, and modern turntable will convert millennials into vinylheads as well!

I love a good old turntable design! They’re a memorable trip down the retro lane, and something about them simply takes me to another time. However, Lucydreams created this highly detailed and precise 3D model of House Of Marley’s Stir It Up Turntable, and it is as modern as it can get! It’s a far cry from the conventional turntable designs we are so accustomed to. They’ve given the nostalgic turntable a very millennial makeover, for audiophiles everywhere!

The original record player was created from bamboo! Lucydreams have retained the initial eco-friendly design, but they have visualized it in different colors and materials. These new and improved turntables cater to diverse tastes and preferences, from a sleek all-black turntable to a bright magenta one. However, the remaining components of the turntable are still pretty eco-friendly! Recycled plastic, recyclable aluminum, House Of Marley’s special REGRIND™ silicone, and REWIND™ fabric were used to build the product. Besides being sustainable and insanely good-looking, the turntable is high on functionality and quality as well! An exquisite belt drive, switchable speed options, and built-in preamp make it an innovative and easy-to-use turntable.

House Of Marley created the ideal turntable that provides premium sound quality and is effortless to operate. Lucydreams took this perfection to another level by amping up the Stir It Up Turntable with sleek and killer aesthetics. This combination makes it a turntable design that is unmatched and will be loved by everyone – baby boomers and millennials alike! House Of Marley really should bring Lucydreams’ version of Stir It Up to life!

Designer: Lucydreams and House Of Marley