This turntable design pays homage to the retro feeling with minimal aesthetics and modern tech!

When you think turntables in 2021, you get a flashback of vintage visuals and it is not something you might associate with modern music listening. Well, meet RMV – a turntable designed to blend the retro and modern vibe, hence the initials! By combining the past turntable and modern technology, RMV brings the past and the present together in a naturally harmonious manner.

This design allows people to feel both analog and digital sensibilities unique to turntable. It lets you enjoy listening to music using with mobile phones, headsets, and speakers via Bluetooth. RMV is not heavier than traditional turntable in form and each CMF detail has been carefully picked to make sure it suits pretty much every interior setup. Its aesthetic pursues spatiality and morphological sophistication with minimal design.

“We selected the color of the product, black and white, which are not widely divided between men and women of all ages. In addition, we selected black and white colors to make it basic and most harmonious for interior design. For the buttons, we also added orange for white and red for black to highlight the product that may look a bit plain. Additionally, we included a back button for users who want to use more functions and get to know more about the turntable. You can enjoy the turntable with more functions using the button on the back,” the designer trio elaborates.

To help you approach the product quickly, conveniently, and familiarly, it has a direct UI on the buttons of the turntable. This also makes it easy to use for people who might be new to turntables or the appliance in general, RMV’s UI/UX is made for audiophiles and non-audiophiles equally. Watching the LP spin is one of the most enjoyable things about a traditional turntable and RMV retains that tactile feature in its design too. It incorporates digital into the existing turntable’s tonearm movement method, giving a little more digital feel than conventional analog, allowing analog and digital feel to harmonize. Since many people feel uncomfortable about having turntables because it takes up a lot of space, RMV was designed to be attached to the wall using screws and bolts, and stickers if that was more convenient for the larger audience.

Designers: Sang Keun Kim, Kyung Jun Lee and Cheon Ryong Choi