This architecture-inspired turntable puts a modern spin on the retro-aesthetic

Over the past several years, there has been a resurgence in retro products – particularly with vinyl records. Even though music streaming services are far more convenient and less expensive than record players and turntables, the nostalgia-factor has brought them back in style. In the year 2020, few turntables have captured the essence of that time the way that the Old Future Turntable and Speaker has.

First, let’s look at the shape. The silhouette of the player itself pays homage to 70’s architecture in Seoul. Slanted roofs were common during that era, and when you place the turntable and speaker side-by-side, they look like part of a 70’s city skyline. Some vinyl-lovers may not like this product initially because a flat, horizontal turntable would be preferred for sound-quality. For those who care about audio quality over aesthetics, the turntable’s legs are adjustable, so you can make the table more even.

Of course, this is only half of the story – after all, it’s called the Old Future Turntable. Its reflective surface creates a brilliant gradient that is hard to miss. The neon colors also add a futuristic touch to this nostalgic piece. These two elements – the 70’s inspired shape and the modern colors – come together in perfect harmony. The turntable honors the past while ushering in the future, and would be a lovely statement piece in any trend-setter’s apartment.

Designer: Keonwoo Lee