Rapha Cycling Club and Rocket Espresso designed this espresso machine especially for cyclists!

Born from a collaboration between the Rapha Cycling Club and Italian coffee company Rocket Espresso, the R58 is an espresso machine designed for cyclists.

The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) is known around the world as a community of active cyclists connected through digital clubhouses, an RCC app, and of course, each member’s passion for riding. Through the years, RCC has produced some of the most trusted and sought-after products, experiences, and rides available. In collaboration with acclaimed Italian coffee company Rocket Espresso, RCC’s latest effort is a line of 100 limited editions of R Cinquantotto espresso machines handmade in Milan exclusively for RCC members.

For as long as cyclists have looked forward to long rides on cool Sunday mornings, they’ve looked forward to the cup of coffee that follows. Coffee is serious business and Rapha and Rocket Espresso definitely stepped up to the plate with R58. From its base to its lid, the R58 is outfitted with all the technical specs to ensure the perfect cup of coffee, whether you’re starting or wrapping up your ride.

Providing optimal conditions for temperature-controlled extraction, Rapha and Rocket Espresso outfitted their espresso machine with two independently operated, PID-controlled boilers. Then, a high-grade rotary pump draws water to boil from the machine’s water reservoir or direct mains supply. Featuring a sensor-operated touchscreen display, the myriad of R58’s functions can be controlled with the flick of your finger.

Built by hand by a team in Milan, consumers can rest assured that this line of limited edition espresso machines is constructed with quality materials and focused attention. Since Rapha’s members come from every corner of the globe, the designers even promise that your espresso machine will be technically outfitted to fit the electrical parameters of your country.

Designer: Rapha Cycling Club x Rocket Espresso

Heavy-duty stainless steel elements give R58 an elevated, polished look.

The touchscreen display allows users to control R58 with the flick of their fingers.

For a modern-meets-classic look, R58 is outfitted with analog elements as well.