This wearable belt-bottle makes it easy to carry hand sanitizer with you wherever you go

Whether it’s the hand-sanitizer you bought from Walgreens or Amazon, or the hand-sanitizer you made from scratch at home with aloe-vera and isopropyl alcohol, storing the liquid is almost always an afterthought. You see, if and when your hands have germs on them, the last thing you want to do us use both your hands to take a bottle out of your backpack, fumble with the cap, and THEN spray the sanitizer on your hands. When you actively need to touch multiple objects in the very process of sanitizing your hands, you’re actively (and constantly) leaving germs on those areas. The most effective way to sanitize hands is to touch as fewer surfaces as you can in the endeavor. Makes sense, right?

Designed almost like a holster for your hand-sanitizer, Go.C is a neat, ergonomic bottle that’s easy to carry, easy to use, and has one very clear mission statement – swift-action sanitization. Designed to be clipped to your pants (or your belt), the Go.C lets you press a trigger to deploy a spray of sanitizer. No using two hands, fumbling with bottle caps, and potentially losing bottle caps in the process. The Go.C sits in a place that’s easy to access with a single motion, and you’re just one-button press away from sanitization. In fact, the process is so intuitive and easy you could do it with one hand, pressing with your thumb and having the sanitizer spray on the rest of your fingers.

The Go.C bottle comes constructed from recycled, non-toxic plastic (so you’re saving the earth too), and uses a hypoallergenic silicone trigger that lets you deploy sanitizer with a push. Its overall simple ergonomic form lets you grip it easily and comfortably and push the trigger without any hassle. Combine that with the belt-clip on the other side of the bottle and you’ve got yourself a hand-sanitizer that takes literally one step to use, so you aren’t touching pockets, zips, bottle caps, and a bunch of other surfaces in the process. Besides, the Go.C isn’t designed to be single-use either. You can easily refill the bottle multiple times from an inlet at the back, helping you save money and safeguard your health well beyond the pandemic!

Designer: WI Labs

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Go.C – Personal Wearable Hand Sanitizer

The Go.C is a new contraption that allows you to hang your hand sanitizer directly at your beltline. Within the Go.C Sanitizer container, you’ll find a refillable tank of sanitizer that connects to a spraying device.

When you press the silicone button with your thumb, the Go.C Sanitizer will spray the optimal amount of sanitizer right into your palm, thereby letting you distribute sanitizer in an easy and efficient way while still avoiding any possibility of contamination.

Keep your Go.C within reach – attach Go.C to your belt, pocket, or bag for fast and efficient hygiene, and protection.

The ergonomic design allows for one-hand use – no juggling caps and bottles between hands.

The Go.C Sanitizer is completely carry-on friendly, with a capacity of 1.12 oz of liquid in comparison to airport regulations of 2 oz.

The Go.C Design

Designed for use with one hand, Go.C sanitizer’s minimalist packaging is the easiest and most environmentally conscious way to stay safe.

Easy mounting.

Use Go.C sanitizer on the move!


Go.C’s bottle design is reusable. When the sanitizer expires, refill with any sanitizer to keep on the move.

Made from recycled non-toxic plastic.

Click Here to Buy Now: $19. Hurry, for a limited time only! Raised over $55,000.