No Such Thing as Too Much Multitool!

The Swiss Army Knife doesn’t have anything on this amazing multitool (insert man-growl here). Called the COMBAR PRO, this all-in-one design does it all by packing a hammer, axe, spade, knife, and saw into one robust unit that weighs just over 3 pounds.

Usable for anything from tactical to recreational purposes, professionals and sportsmen alike will appreciate it for its lightweight build, ergonomics, and near indestructibility. Made from glass-reinforced nylon, titanium, and stainless steel, you can use it to chop, cut, pry, pound or dig on your next adventure. With its slim form and a hidden compartment for storing some of the functions, it’s the perfect addition to your pack.

Designer: PRIME Studio for ACLIM8

Click here to Buy Now: $359 $499 (28% off)




The Hammer

The COMBAR hammer pad was designed to easily hammer tent pegs and wooden stakes. The pattern on the pad allows traction and friction for various fieldwork tasks – like hammering bark to create strips of fiber for easy fire starting.


The Spade

The spade’s shape was designed after deep research into how it would actually be used. We found that spades were usually utilized for common field-work tasks, like rain ditches, firepits and digging out vehicles’ wheels. So we designed a super functional spade with a unique shape that worked just as well.


The Axe

They designed the COMBAR axe for optimal function. We found that 90% of axe work was used for trail work like trimming small branches and chopping and splitting kindling. So we made our axe to both split and chop amazingly well.


Click here to Buy Now: $359 $499 (28% off)