Ebony And Ivory Time

Inspired by the piano keys, Glissando is an elegant timepiece that sits well on a wrist. While its not packed with features like chronograph or turbillion, what makes its desirable is its unique time-telling ability. It’s the kinda watch that you will want to own and show-off for its super-sexiness!

Designer: Han Huynh


  • Steve says:

    I really want it. Make it happen.

  • Greg says:

    The link to the designer or product is not correct. It’s linking to your own site. 🙂

  • Leo bez says:

    The correct time in one of the pics is 02:46:57 😉

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  • Olive says:

    Hello how can we buy items of this website ?

  • Andy Stack says:

    Dear Yankdesign,

    Over a year ago I contacted you regarding the Ebony and Ivory time watch.
    I am just wondering if it has been made as I still really want this beautiful watch and I am sure, plenty of others would love to own one of these too.
    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


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