With precise temperature settings, this portable neck warmer is here to keep you warm this winter

005G is a neckwarmer designed by Xiaoming for cold winter mornings when hitting the snooze button is all too tempting.

As the seasons change, our bodily needs do too. With winter quickly approaching, the cold, dry air has us shopping for winter accessories like weighted blankets, moisturizers, and steam inhalers. Despite having the heater turned all the way up to stave off the cold, an extra blanket or pair of fuzzy socks always brings just the right amount of coziness. Industrial designer Xiaoming is bringing coziness to this winter season with 005G, a neck warmer that drapes around your shoulders just like a warm towel.

When we first wake up on chilly winter mornings, the last thing we want to do is leave our warm bed sheets and comforters. If only everyone could have heated floors and in-house towel warmers. While we wait for our heated tiles and hot towels to get here, consider 005G the winter accessory that’ll keep us cozy in the meantime.

Shaped like a pair of over-ear headphones, 005G slips around your neck and emanates warmth from its plush, velvet covering to the skin of your neck. With an adjustable temperature dial, users can change the amount of heat they’d like to come from 005G. For cold winter mornings, when hitting the snooze feels more tempting than ever, 005G is there to get us out of bed.

While 005G is primarily designed to keep us cozy and warm in the cold, it’s the perfect accessory for neck pain as well. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a stiff neck, especially because there’s nothing you can do about it other than wind your neck back and crack it. To keep comfortable while dealing with neck issues like stiff muscles, 005G provides enough warmth to keep us from thinking about the pain.

Designer: Xiaoming