The AIRROBO T9 robovac’s latest USLAM Air 5.0™ upgrade makes it an incredibly efficient robot vacuum under $300

Picture this. Your massive Christmas dinner party’s just ended, the guests have left, and what should basically be a cue for you to go to bed after a tiring day, turns into hours of cleaning. Completely exhausted, you just decide to tell your robot vacuum to help you with cleanup and the tiny little device un-docks from its charger, getting to work by sweeping and mopping the floor and deep-vacuum cleaning your carpets. A procedure that would take hours ends up taking mere minutes as all you need to do is wipe the table and load the dishwasher. Life’s good, isn’t it?

Designer: AIRROBO

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Whether it’s the aftermath of a dinner party, a movie night, SuperBowl session, or just a messy day, there’s nothing quite as useful as a good robot vacuum. Equipped with LiDAR sensors that allow it to accurately navigate your house, the AIRROBO T9 makes for a compelling gadget to have at your home. The robot vacuum comes with 3000Pa suction power that handles everything from dust and dirt to even pet hair, and even has a mopping feature that leaves the floor absolutely clean. The AIRROBO T9 efficiently handles carpets and rugs too, detecting when it’s operating on them and immediately boosting the vacuum’s power to deep-clean dirt and dust from in between the carpet’s fibers.

Moreover, AIRROBO even announced the release of USLAM Air 5.0™, a major algorithm upgrade to the T9’s mapping and navigating abilities, letting it work more efficiently while accurately identifying and avoiding objects around the house. The technological upgrade comes from AIRROBO’s parent company, UBTECH Robotics, following 5 years of research and development and uses a combination of laser and visual navigation for high-quality mapping with a larger periphery, while tapping into the T9 robot vacuum’s multiple sensors to also map objects with higher precision on a millimeter level.

This combination gives the T9 a clearer vision of the space and objects within it, allowing it to effectively “think, understand, and respond” to its environment much like humans and advanced robots do. The USLAM Air 5.0 upgrade effectively sets the T9 apart as an incredibly advanced robot that’s still cost-effective, with a price of well under $350.

On the feature front, the T9 leaves little to be desired. The robot vacuum can be controlled via your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant, while the Tuya smartphone app unlocks extra features like letting you assign routines, designate rooms/zones, and even create boundaries or no-go areas. The T9 offers dual cleaning methods, allowing you to install a 400mL water tank or 600mL dustbin to either mop or vacuum depending on your cleaning needs.

The T9 comes with a 5200mAh Li-ion battery that gives it 5 hours of operation on a full charge, and if the robot vacuum detects it’s low on battery, it automatically makes its way back to its charging hub to replenish its battery. For larger rooms, the T9 will automatically charge itself in the middle of a task and resume it from the point it left off when its battery’s been topped off.

At $349, the AIRROBO T9 is perhaps one of the best robot vacuums in its price range; although YD readers can use the coupon code below to get $100 off, bringing the price down to an incredibly reasonable $249.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off). Hurry, offer ends Dec 15th.