Water Ding!

The CookDial is a pot with a timer dial at the end of its handle. You can leave a pot of water to boil, set the timer and multitask with other kitchen work, instead of keeping a watchful eye. A distinctive ‘Ding!’ goes off when time’s up, and I think it can be a useful when I make my tea!

Designers: Seungin Lee, Junsang Kim, Yonggu Do & Kyungmin Min


  • Jimmy C says:

    Needs adjustment. That timer is a little too small.

  • dolken says:

    not very sustainable, old pot with more parts=more trash. Perhaps an attachment that can be used on a variety of pots.

  • meks says:

    When carrying a pot of boiling hot water, I’d prefer the handle not turn and pour scalding water all over me.

  • Mert says:

    Boiling time would heavily depend on initial water temperature, energy output of the stove and other ambient conditions. If you are going to integrate something into the pot, why not just make it a simple bell struck by a bimetallic strip at 85°C ? Simpler and more accurate.

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