This sleek private cloud storage device was designed as a secure means of storing your data safely!

EtsMe is a private, electronic storage tool that transports the Cloud from the virtual ether right onto our computer desks.

Everything we might need for our digital day-to-day can be found in the cloud–those virtual hubs that store all of our digitized assets, from family photos to legal documents. Virtual by design, cloud storage systems remain within the online scope of our world, requiring only login credentials for function. One designer decided to conceptualize a physical product to represent the Cloud.

Reinterpreting cloud storage systems through a physical lens, InDare Innovation has created EtsMe, a personal and private cloud storage tool designed for the transparent age of the internet.

Accessible via smartphones, EtsMe remains in the virtual cloud realm, but its physical counterpart gives it an approachable edge that most cloud storage tools lack. Inspired by the sleek and minimalist design of contemporary internet accessories, EtsMe maintains a stainless, unadorned look with a sleek, geometric frame.

The overall look of EtsMe gives it an appearance similar to Apple concepts, making the accessory that much more consumer-friendly and versatile. InDare designed EtsMe to be reliable, quiet, and easy to set up, requiring little to no assembly prior to operation.

Additionally, a private connection is ensured through smartphone connectivity. Shaped by a sinuous covering, EtsMe plays with light and shadows to emanate different moods throughout the workday, while also evoking the product’s main privacy function.

Explaining the choice to give EtsMe a lighted, curved exterior, the team at InDare Innovation explains, “ The light escaped from the eaves of the product’s appearance responds to the needs of building a secured, private, personal powerful shelter in the transparent internet age.”

Designer: InDare Innovation

InDare looked to other modern computer appliances to achieve the sleek, minimalist look of EtsMe.

Packaged in nondescript, white boxes, EtsMe has an aesthetic akin to Apple.