This modular furniture system designed for kids is built to be play-friendly!

My NooK is a modular furniture system designed for kids to use as their own customizable playground, with plenty of modules and colors to choose from.

You don’t have to have kids to know they make a playground of every room in the house. The cushions are boulders, the lampposts are trees, and the floor, of course, is lava. We’ve all been that age when anything goes, no holds barred. Designed by Olivia and Patrick Rudomino, My NooK is an expandable and customizable furniture system that was created to quench the need for play.

Covering the full spectrum of colors and shapes, each module that comprises My NooK comes in practically every color under the sun and any shape you can imagine, from orange slices to tree logs. The beginnings of My NooK formed close to home for the Australian couple. Spurred by their own children’s imagination and creativity during playtime while locked down due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, My NooK was created by the Rudominos as a source of endless entertainment for their kids.

Citing the inspiration behind the modular furniture system, the Rudominos note on their website, “Their new play seemed to involve every piece of household furniture, cushion, every pillow, and blanket…This led to a revamp of our living and play area where we trawled the web for a proper solution – something that allowed our children creative freedom, encouraged independent play, and was safe and [cozy] too.”

Hoping to create a modular furniture system that didn’t just take up space in the house, but complemented the living room and opened it up during playtime. Answering the need for outdoor furniture as well as indoor, My NooK is upholstered with water-resistant fabric from Australia’s Warwick Fabrics. Being made from water-resistant material, MyNooK means playtime could flow from the living room to the poolside without the worry of ruining the couch.

Designers: Olivia Rudomino and Patrick Rudomino

The possible configurations of MyNooK are endless.

Water-resistant by design, My NooK could even be taken outside.