Stay warm and cozy with designs that are the perfect Christmas gifts for those who love staying indoors!

We all have those friends or family members who simply love staying at home, chilling in their own space, and having the time of their lives! These homebodies are content with a good book, a snug blanket, and a mug of hot chocolate on these chilly winter days and nights. Finding the perfect Christmas present for them can often be a task, but honestly, all you need to get them is something that’ll help them feel super comfy and cozy at home! And, we’ve curated a collection of product designs that are perfect for your loved ones who thoroughly enjoy staying indoors! From a weighted blanket that’s cozy, breathable, and stylish (perfect for them to snuggle up with) to a minimalist hanging leather chair that’s ideal for lounging indoors – these super cool product designs are all anyone could need to have the best time at home!

1. Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket

Think of Nuzzie as an oversized sweater, rather than a traditional weighted blanket. Designed to be warm, weighted, yet breathable, Nuzzie uses a loosely knitted technique to ensure you get the effects of a weighted blanket, without the problems of one. With its thick, crocheted design, Nuzzie comes with enough open spaces to ensure breathability, so you never work up a sweat at night, and the thick tubular fabric offers a more balanced alternative to having a blanket filled with beads that shift around. Moreover, that textured pattern on Nuzzie gives it a stylish edge over traditional blankets. Designed to work as a throw, the Nuzzie can be used in bed, on the couch, or anywhere in the house as a decorative element… and on the off chance that it gets dirty, Nuzzie can easily be washed and dried in the machine, thanks to its proprietary patent-pending DuraFill fabric.

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2. Sling Hanging Chair

Perfect for that break between attending Zoom meetings and responding to work emails, Studio Stirling’s Sling Hanging Chair gives you that stress-melting effect you get from a hammock, but indoors. The hanging chair comprises a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling, on which lies draped a piece of thick leather that you sit on. Quite like how a hammock adjusts to your shape and posture when you sit on it, Studio Stirling’s Sling adjusts to your frame too, letting you hang out for a bit… quite literally!

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3. The Alpha Pillow

Realizing that there’s more to a pillow than just being a soft bag with cotton inside, Ivana Lowchareonkul designed the Alpha Pillow. In its second iteration (after a pretty popular 1st version on Kickstarter), the Alpha Pillow 2 tackles the various parameters a pillow must maintain to give you ‘healthy sleep’ – this includes support, softness, breathability, cooling, and the ability to self-sanitize. The Alpha Pillow 2’s design starts with a bamboo-charcoal-infused foam mass, which apart from providing the benefits of memory foam, also uses activated carbon to neutralize microorganisms and toxins. The foam pillow comes with ergonomically placed air cells that promote breathability, and an aqua-gel membrane on one side of the pillow allows it to function as the ‘perpetually cool side’, keeping your face cool as you sleep.

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4. The Goovis Young

The fundamental reason why VR headsets are expensive is because they’re literally head-worn computers designed not for entertainment, but for productivity. It’s the equivalent of having to buy an expensive enterprise laptop just to watch Netflix. What the GOOVIS Young changes about VR is that it embraces the technology for entertainment purposes, and does it in the best way possible… not by being a face-mounted computer, but rather a face-mounted display that’s compatible with practically any of your devices. With a 1080p display on the inside that’s designed to feel like a theater with an 800-inch screen, the GOOVIS Young is a universal VR display you can connect to your phone, laptop, tablet, set-top box, or even your console, allowing it to act as a dedicated display for everything between working, gaming, watching movies, browsing the internet, or even doing the odd stuff like tapping into your drone’s camera for incredible HD POV-ing.

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5. VARME Hand Heater

The VARME Hand Heater protects your hands from getting completely frozen up! The cool little device emits an additional seven degrees Celsius to keep your finger snug and warm. An outer fabric shell gives the personal heater a strikingly modern aesthetic. It also makes the product easy to handle and move around. Amped with LEDs, the hand heater employs infrared spot heating to keep your fingers cozy and comfortable as you type about on your keypad, and carry out other tasks. The VARME Hand Heater is also available in a variety of colors and is accompanied by a stand.

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6. The EnergyPod Napping Chair

The EnergyPod Napping Chair by MetroNaps is my new favorite product design! This comfy chair is perfect for taking a quick power nap!  You can settle into the pod for a pre-programmed 20-minute nap. You can adjust the time if you wish to. The spherical cover gives you privacy, separating you from the world, while you peacefully snooze.

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7. The Slow Dance

Designed to be an art installation you can hang on a wall or place on a mantelpiece and stare at for hours, the Slow Dance lets you mount a variety of things within its magical frame, from feathers to flowers, to even interesting looking leaves. Switch it on, and the object within the frame begins fluttering in slow motion, without any external stimulus (you should really check out the video above). The illusion relies on two core components – a precisely engineered system within the Slow Dance’s frame, and your eye’s ability to see in 24 frames per second. The engineering lies in an electromagnet that causes the feather/flower/leaf to flutter away, and LED lighting built into the frame’s inner edge that strobes/flickers at a precisely calculated rate to make that chaotic flutter seem like slow-motion choreography.

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8. The Cat Chair

The Cat Chair is a hexagonal piece of furniture where your cat can rest and also explore. Made from pinewood and a high-density sponge, the Cat Chair features a small lower compartment with cubby holes on each side of the stool for cats to slink in and out of as they choose. The lower compartment allows room for the cat to hide away and relax in isolation, while the stool’s sponge cushion provides an open space for the cat to lounge or even sunbathe. Cats can weave in and out of the Cat Chair cubby holes or rest atop its sponge cushion. When owners want to join their cats on the floors, the sponge cushion can be removed to become a floor pad.

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9. The Kin Moon and Moon Grand geometric incense burners

The Kin Moon and Moon Grand geometric incense burners are here to bring an aura of tranquility and calm to your home! Consisting of a concrete holder, the geometric incense burners, represent reunion in Chinese culture. The burners have been amped with a small indentation to catch any falling ash, hence keeping the surrounding space neat and clean. The Moon can hold incense sticks up to 4 inches, whereas the Moon Grand can accommodate incense sticks up to 5-5.5 inches. A Wutong wood tray functions as a minimal and steady base.

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10. The GoTouch Beam

The GoTouch Beam is a fairly futuristic projector that comes with a digital pen that gives you the ability to sketch and doodle right on a projected image. The pen communicates directly with a sensor mounted onboard the projector, allowing you to make virtual sketches and doodles right on your projected screen. You can draw directly on your presentation slides, circle keywords, highlight text, make convincing graphs, or even use it as a teaching tool to complement your educational slides with some crucial notes. And yes, it has Netflix and YouTube built right in!

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