This shape-shifting superbike deserves a cameo in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts!

Motorbike concepts come and go – but there are some that leave a lasting impression. The Hypercycle by Lazzarini Design is one of them, courtesy of its Cyberpunkish personality and the shape-shifting rear design that turns it from a cafe racer to a drag racer in the blink of an eye!

Lazzarini Design has bamboozled the design community with their extravagant yachts and powerboats in the past – but they have also created the odd superbike design that has gone under the radar. Fortunately, this one dubbed the Hypercycle is nothing that you would normally associate with a bicycle, rather, a superbike destined for an expressway skirmish with other fellow bikers. The streamlined shape of the motorbike and the big chunky tires are a tell-tale sign of its racing character. Just as I’m about to label it a cool superbike for the racing tracks (glancing over at the pointy front section), the side profile with the extendable rear wheel section having an independent horizontally aligned wishbone suspension, makes me believe it is a drag racer. Also, I can’t help but give it the café racer tag for obvious reasons. So, this one is your race track bike, drag racer and café racer, all-in-one; thanks to the movable rear wishbone!

Either way, the Hypercycle is made for high-speed, adrenaline-inducing fun. Just look at that color theme dominated by red and white with hints of gray on the bodywork. The spoked golden allow wheels match perfectly with the suspension. Coming back to the front section, the sharp aesthetics and the flashy character give it the Transformers-like vibe, and those mean headlights further strengthen the assumption. It could very well be a part of the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, that’s if Stephen Caple acknowledges the idea!

The rider should be able to hit break-neck speeds without any discomfort or lack of confidence – the wide wheels and the whole visual balance of the bike reassure the fact. Overall Lazzarini Design has managed to create a superbike that doesn’t look overdone, and in a way goes toe-to-toe with other impressive concept bike designs we’ve much appreciated all these years!

Designer: Lazzarini Design