A DIY enthusiast built this micro electric camper on tank treads to strolls and live in the woods

Electric camper vans are a need of the hour as the adventure industry inclines toward a sustainable and efficient way of living a nomadic life. While discerning adventurers and industry leaders rely on a Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit to build their campers, here is a guy doing it effortlessly by building an electric camper from scratch, spending the least possible to fuel his passion.

This DIY electric camper is created around a wooden bed with its tank trails (for the rear wheels) being the standout aspect. We have over time seen some incredible DIY campers, which look more refined; the micro electric camper by YouTuber Quiet Nerd stands out as a worthy electric camper anyone with basic DIY skills can build at home.

Designer: Quiet Nerd

Completed as an electric camper we wouldn’t expect, it was created in under four days. An interesting exemplification of electric power mobility, this is billed as an off-roading camper, but with its ground clearance and fragile structure, I’m not sure of that claim!

To test the camper, the builder however took it over a levelled-up jungle trail to relax and camp within overnight. And for camping convenience, the camper is covered with a greenhouse – trampoline overlay to shade from the sun – and has a camp kitchen and some storage options within.

Powered by an electric motor, the camper has lawn mower wheels on the front and tank treads attached to the rear axle, which is connected via a chain to the motor. The camper’s 24V motor runs off a 12V battery – connected to a boost converter to double the voltage – and is steered using an installed go-kart steering kit. The camper is finished with LED lights on the front and rear, and it can run 2.5 hours on a single charge.