Designed for cats, this magnetic modular climbing wall system is for your pets of all sizes and ages!

Nyanpeki is a modular climbing wall system for cats that boasts an easy assembly and removal process, complete with magnetized felt components that provide jumping spots and hideouts for your cat to enjoy throughout the day and night.

There’s hardly anything more exciting for cat owners than new furniture designed for their feline friends. From scratching towers to chirping bird toys, and from cardboard papers to tissue paper, cats have no problem finding ways to entertain themselves. So when product designs come out that encourage cats to climb and scratch to their paw’s delight, cats make a jungle gym out of them.

The Nyanpeki, which translates to Cat Wall, from LIXIL Corporation is a modular climbing wall system that incorporates hiding spots and felt scratching posts for cats to play and rest for the rest of their days. Built for cat owners to create a unique playground for their cats, the Nyanpeki is formed from a magnetized assembly system that can just as easily attach to walls as it can be removed.

Designed for cats of all shapes, sizes, ages, and health conditions, the Nyanpeki can be adjusted throughout its shelf life to adapt to your cat’s changing needs. As your cat grows in age, the Nyanpeki’s height can be adjusted to meet your cat’s lumbar movements and changing jumping abilities. Modular by design, consumers can purchase single modules to create endless configurations and add baskets and felt hideouts to preexisting wall systems.

By creating a climbing system that remains on the wall, users will be able to keep their living space free from the clutter that cat toys bring. The modules attach to walls with little to no hardware required, making for an easy assembly and cleanup process. Additionally, each module boasts a load-bearing design to ensure that they have sufficient strength to hold up cats and for cats to jump from module to module. Awarded with recognition from Good Design Awards, the Nyanpeki received the honor in the Hobby goods and pet care supplies category.

Designer: LIXIL Corporation