This minimalist table-light distills the idea of a lamp into its most basic elements – a light, and a shade

Created to explore the relationship between Changhojis (paper doors found in traditional Asian homes) and lights, the Light Kyeol Series comes with a bulb and an interchangeable card-like shade that sits in front of the light source, diffusing it. The cards use a variety of paper types, including textured, colored, and handmade, to explore the way they disperse light.

The series features different lamp styles with the same concept of having a sheet of paper propped up or suspended in front of a light source. The lamp’s relatively dim, casting an ambient glow around the room, while the choice of paper definitely gives it its own flavor, bringing a slightly rustic appeal to the lamp’s design.

It’s difficult to correctly place the lamp’s design in a particular box. It’s a combination of minimalism, traditionalism, craft, and even a bit of steampunk. The lamp’s variants explore simple designs and shapes, experimenting with intersections and overlapping elements, and the lamp series’ construction uses a limited caché of materials, from brass and acrylic for the base and frame, and Korean paper for the shades.

Designers: HyeokRoh, Jonggun Kim, Hyoin Son