What A Purdy Washing Machine

Flexible Distance is a top loading washing machine developed for Ye Xiao Dong as winners of the “Lavatrice Cinese Made In Milan” competition. The emphasis? Pure style. The idea is this machine is so beautiful, it can be placed anywhere in the home; even as a center piece. But how can a washing machine be this mobile? By caster wheels of course. However beauty is only skin deep. The real innovation here is the interface.

All the controls are located on the outer ring of the wash well. You simply touch the setting you want and close the lid. You can monitor the progress of your wash by way of the embedded LCD screen on top of the lid. There’s no mention if it conforms to low power and water consumption standards and where it’ll get it’s water supply if mobile, but at least it’s purdy. Right?

Designer: Simona Iuculano