What A Purdy Washing Machine

Flexible Distance is a top loading washing machine developed for Ye Xiao Dong as winners of the “Lavatrice Cinese Made In Milan” competition. The emphasis? Pure style. The idea is this machine is so beautiful, it can be placed anywhere in the home; even as a center piece. But how can a washing machine be this mobile? By caster wheels of course. However beauty is only skin deep. The real innovation here is the interface.

All the controls are located on the outer ring of the wash well. You simply touch the setting you want and close the lid. You can monitor the progress of your wash by way of the embedded LCD screen on top of the lid. There’s no mention if it conforms to low power and water consumption standards and where it’ll get it’s water supply if mobile, but at least it’s purdy. Right?

Designer: Simona Iuculano


  • Matze says:

    Front-loading washers use 40-60% less water and 30-50% less energy than typical top-loaders…

    • Monty says:

      That was my thought, as well. It might look pretty, but technology-wise having a top-loading washing is like coming out with a next gen phone and putting a last-gen network speed on it.

      • Shanon says:

        Depends on the wash system…

        Our Fisher & Paykel Top Loading AquaSmart uses the same water as a front loader 🙂

  • Lastpulse says:

    I’m amazed at these appliances they are coming out with. Like the Samsung refrigerator I saw that had a detachable TV. Crazy stuff.

  • Xeno says:

    I hate this !!, cause I badly wants it but like most of the stuff on this site will never make it to production 🙁

  • Logruszed says:

    Wow, I’d like to dump a load into that thing.

  • shane says:

    why would anyone want a portable washing machine? and where does the plumbing go?. it would give itself away as a centerpiece the second it hits the spin cycle 😀 a strange concept i must say.

  • How about plumbing? Do we need to fill the water manually?

  • How about plumbing? Do we need to fill the water manually?

  • Avin says:

    It’s pretty but impractical. the buttons on the inner rim will spoil within months. have you noticed and studied washers ? it’s so moist in there, mold will grow on those surfaces. interface and outer chassis aside, no mentioning of any revolutionary design to the drum, imaging pushing a fully loaded 10-15 kg load fill with water,add another 20kg to it around… any castor wheels will soon wear out if not scratch the floor.

    what happens if you have to change some settings, half way through a way cycle, open up the lid ??

    a better solution is for all the controls to be embedded under the hood, oled, touch screen… you get the drift… only when buttons are pressed, the control panel lights up, if not.. it is hidden.

  • fatih says:

    it seems really crazy

  • Zach Smith says:

    I like this washing machine because it is very simple. Most of us think that washing machines should have interface and design that will impress you. I think we should start looking for washers that directly washes clothes without over killing its programming features. A washer is less prone to damages when it has simple and effective interface. This machine should make it into production.

  • Mrs.Anny says:

    I like its designs so much.And in black color its looks awesome and i also like its features.,

  • Emiley says:

    Its very nice black design of washing machine its features are awesome.

  • Diya says:

    the design of this washing machine is looks awesome and its black color give it a different look.

  • Mr Walter says:

    This is the perfect example of the modern appliance as you can put it anywhere in the home you want due to its look and design.

  • Kate says:

    The idea is this machine is so beautiful, it can be placed anywhere in the home; even as a center piece.And the black color is looks dashing.

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