This 6-in-1 fast-charging cable is so ridiculously tiny, it literally fits on your keychain

Dubbed as the smallest and most portable 6in1 fast-charging cable, High Six is roughly the size of your zipper tag, turning your charging cable into a handy bit of EDC that you can carry about with you. No more entangled cables in your laptop bag, no more worrying about forgetting cables at home, and more importantly, no more cables cluttering your desk. High Six comes with a classy stainless steel housing inside which sits the tiny cable. Pop it out, unfold it, and the tiny little contraption can fast-charge and transfer data for Apple as well as Android devices in a heartbeat.

Designer: Vonmählen

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $35 (30% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Designed by the same folks who created the compact pocket-friendly High Five charger, High Six pushes the constraints even further, with a design that’s smaller yet just as functional… and throws in a neat metal bottle opener built into the outer stainless steel case. On the inside, the USB-C fast-charging cable sits neatly folded up thanks to a pair of magnets, and comes with two Lightning and USB-A adapters that let you connect a variety of gadgets together.

Unlike High Five’s cable which could only handle power delivery, the new USB-C cable built into High Six lets you transfer data too, aside from just your regular charging. Along with the adapters, High Six lets you work with smartphones, tablets, computers, seamlessly transferring power or data between them all… and while that’s happening, the bottle opener on the stainless steel case lets you pop open a brewski.

Along with the stainless steel case, High Six measures just over 60mm in length (2.4 inches if you hate the metric system) and weighs a paltry 17 grams or 0.59 ounces. The USB-C cable inside can deliver power at a pretty impressive 60W (although that’s just limited to the cable itself, without the adapters), and transfer data at 480Mb/s. You can grab a High Six on Kickstarter for a discounted price of $25, and the tiny 6-in-1 cable and bottle opener will begin shipping in February 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $35 (30% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $70,000.