This pop up candle holder serenades as a coaster when not in use

Remember Elastigirl from The Incredibles who could bend and stretch to become anything? Now think her, but, as a brass candle holder because this home accessory from Studio inbetween is truly an incredible hero for your candles.

Studio inbetween was founded by industrial designer Kiseung Lee who believes that a good design must go beyond adapting the material and its feeling with the conventional way – it should focus on character, reinterpretation and transferring its value as well as essence into spiritual and practical aspects. This versatile brass candle holder was created with a profound and diversified sense of coexistence between every element that went into its making. The brass has a soft gloss and a timeless aesthetic which, as Lee says, “enables us to reflect on our sense of beauty and how we handle objects with different perspectives, textures, and define our spaces while redefining and refining our lives.”

The Cell Ø88 Candle Tray’s functional design was born from the question “What does a regular candle holder NOT do?” which lead the product to have flexible borders – but even better, they extend and adapt to your personal environment so you can put it in a glass, have it stand alone or open it tall and make it the star of your table. The Cell Ø88 Candle Tray arrives flat-packed, with brass outer rings that pull up into an elegant, minimal chain-link structure, which you can shape as you please. Studio inbetween’s candle holders are also manufactured with minimum waste and sustainable practices. Personally, I think you can use it as a beautiful coaster as well because it collapses into a compact disc – a small treasure that reminds us to focus on the light, stay warm, and adapt to whatever shape our environment asks of us.

Designer: Kiseung Lee of Studio inbetween

Available in two different series. “Cell Ø88” & “Cell Octo”.