This modular open-air pool can be disassembled and moved throughout Copenhagen’s harbor!

The Dyppezone is a modular, open-air bath that’s easily disassembled and movable throughout the harbor, bringing cold water basins in the winter and children’s pools in the summer.

If you live in a city with a body of water, chances are you’ve felt that spontaneous urge to just jump into the harbor or lake on a late walk for a night swim with friends. While the urge is strong, it’s typically not advised to take the plunge–water depths are unknown, no lifeguard is ever on duty, and the ‘swims’ usually just consist of treading. In Copenhagen, Maritime Architecture Studio unveiled the Dyppezone, a movable open-air bath that’s portable and modular by design.

The Dyppezone, located in Copenhagen’s harbor, comprises eight movable modules that easily attach to one another to form an octagonal pool in the middle of the harbor. When assembled together, the modules come together and form an adjustable bottom that can be raised or elongated according to varying needs and changing seasons.

With its adjustable bottom, Maritime Architecture Studio notes, “the Dyppezone can be used both as a children’s pool in the summer and as a cold water basin in the winter.”

While Copenhagen’s harbor is no stranger to permanent bathing zones, the Dyppezone differs from those structures with the modular structure that allows it to be disassembled, packaged, and transported easily around the harbor. Maritime Architecture Studio envisions the Dyppezone located either in existing bathing zones or in close proximity to harborside events with saunas set up on the quayside for use following the pool.

Bringing the urge to jump in the harbor to all city visitors and residents, Maritime Architecture Studio says that the Dyppezone is, “Free for use to all bathing Copenhageners who want a comfortable and safe way to swim in the harbor.”

Designer: Maritime Architecture Studio