Let’s Get Steamy

The Vap Steamer here brings back memories of the times when Microwaves were not available in India. I’m talking about the early 80’s, an era when the electronics boom had not hit this Asian subcontinent. We re-heated rice and other such items using the double boiler system, where steam was used to re-heat leftovers. Vap offers a safe and healthy option for not only re-heating but also for steam cooking. How about a round of Dim sums?

Those who have tried re-heating rice without the micro and in pan know that the starch easily makes the grains stick to the bottom. Another problem with refrigerated cooked rice is that the grain on top gets a hardened and steam kinda softens them. Appliances like this, if energy efficient can easily replace the Microwave. Or not?

Designer: Arthur Senant





Vap Food Steamer by Arthur Senant


  • Yann says:

    why not?! plane design

  • Yuuta says:

    There are already similar appliances like this you’d probably find at your grandparent’s house. I don’t get why you’d need this when a normal pot, rice cooker or similar container with a lid will work to do the exact same thing AND serve another purpose. The food reheats/cooks by steam from heated water underneath, not a new concept. There are also far too many pieces to this that makes it too cluttered.

    I use my wok and place a metal rack inside to rest my bowl/plate of food on and then cover it with a lid. Afterwards I only need to take out the rack and pour away the water.

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