A full shower experience with customizable micro filters, the Lab224 shower head is changing how humans shower

Imagine if Bath and Body Works merged with your bathroom accessories – that instead of cluttering up your shelves with a gazillion bottles, your showerhead holds a complete spa experience. That is the promise hs² studio’s Lab224 Watercare Showerhead brings to your bathroom.

The bathroom can be a space of zen, the one part of your home that is a sanctuary where you cut off from screens and just be. The showerhead’s aurora-colored aesthetics showcases the filter of choice. You can choose from anything between creating a sensuous spa experience to using a microfilter to ensure you only get the purest water contacting your skin. Whatever your skin’s problem/concerns, you can have your favorite add ons – aloe vera, tea tree oil, vitamin supplements – it’s a DIY care package in a tiny handle-sized package. The sprinkler plate had microholes that give you a gentle yet powerful stream of bath, adding to the overall luxury of your bath experience.

Sleek, minimal, with aesthetic highlights just enough to accentuate your bathroom, the Lab 224 showerhead is a next-generation solution to bathroom of all sizes. Given the number of ideas we get in the shower, I genuinely believe we must amplify our bathroom experience to help our brain destress and let the creative juices flow.

Designer : hs² studio