This space-saving exercise bike doubles as a functional yet stylish piece of furniture

An exercise bike that doesn’t just take up space when not in use – rather performs double duty as a piece of furniture for urban dwellers who find themselves constricted for space. Ones who are always on the lookout for multifunctional accessories.

How often have we all given in to the unrelenting urge of buying a piece of exercise equipment impulsively and then, later on, have it on the sidelines biting the dust? A catch twenty-two situation that fills you with guilt and anxiety every time you see the exercise bike put to no alternate use other than hanging your clothes in a haphazard manner. How about at least utilizing it for another good purpose, if you want to dissolve the guilt of slashing out money just for no use?

Meet “The-O” exercise bike designed to be minimalistic, sans all the fancy features you’ll never end up using in your daily fitness routine. The fitness accessory is designed keeping in mind the quirks of owning one. First up is the space requirement and the non-flexibility of usage. Then there is the complexity of use which mars the whole purpose of a simple fitness regime. The-O has none of them, and it doubles as a functional piece of furniture when your fitness is kept on hold for some days or even weeks. Use it as a seat for your casual work regime or turn it into a bar chair for parties – the options are endless. You can even turn it into a base for keeping indoor plants.

This exercise bike breaks the norms of how exercise equipment needs to be and brings a dimension of modularity to it. The fitness equipment comes in two different sizes – giving apartment dwellers the option to go for a smaller size if living space is at a premium. I personally like the idea of exercising my legs while browsing the internet – isn’t that cool enough?

Designer: Kim Dambi, Kim Kyung Jin, Park Sangjin, Park Sung Soon