As compact as a fountain pen, this reusable floss pick and dispenser makes oral hygiene easy breezy

Call it a hilarious series of crossovers, but the AirPods Case looks like a box of dental floss, and the Morph Floss Pen looks like a rather funky fountain pen. Designed to make cleaning your teeth easier, accessible, and much more sustainable, the Morph Pen fits right in your pocket, your backpack, or your overnight travel bag.

Designers: Frederick Ho & Ivan Tsou

Click Here to Buy Now: $56 $87 (35% off).

The pen not only holds the dental floss, but dispenses it too, over a C-shaped floss-holder that lets you clean your teeth conveniently using the pen as a floss-pick. When you’re done, all you do is dispose of the used floss string without throwing the entire holder away. In doing so, the Morph Floss Pen replaces as many as 100 single-use plastic floss-picks, effectively keeping your teeth as well as the planet clean.

With its conveniently portable (and non-AirPod-like) design, the Morph makes carrying your flossing gear around easy. Its small format fits anywhere, from inside your pocket to even in a toiletry bag. Designed to be lightweight, portable, and incredibly easy to use, the Morph comes in 4 different colors that look less embarrassing than those white, overly-clinical floss boxes.

For $56, you can snag yourself a Morph Floss Pen along with 12 refills of floss-string, giving you an entire year’s worth of flossing with daily use. The Morph Floss Pen ships in January, so how about you go and put dental hygiene on your 2022’s new years resolution??

Click Here to Buy Now: $56 $87 (35% off).