This innovative clock uses actual quotes from literature to tell the time!

The Author Clock doesn’t just tell the time, it tells a story too. Putting a wonderfully creative spin on the time-telling experience, the Author Clock has you do more than just reading time. It has you reading excerpts from literature too!

Designer: Jose Cardona

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Quite literally a ‘novel’ way to tell the time, the Author Clock uses passages from literature that have mentions of the time in them… so at 9 o’clock, the clock shows a passage from The Great Gatsby that has the phrase “9 o’clock” in it, and at 12, it displays verses from Hamlet when the clock strikes 12. Ultimately, the Author Clock turns something as mechanical as the ticking of hands into something much more whimsical and joyful… especially if you’re a bookworm or a lover of literature.

Contains over 2,000 quotes from authors spanning six centuries.

There are 720 unique minutes in the entire day, and the Author Clock has a literary excerpt for every single one of them. Equipped with a low-energy electronic paper screen, the Author Clock displays text as clearly as an e-book reader does, and lets you scroll, zoom, and even change fonts using a knurled brass knob on the side. The clock itself has a timeless, mid-century design too, with a wooden exterior, recycled plastic bezels, and that brass knob that makes the clock a perfect fit for your wall, tabletop, or even your bookshelf, among all those vintage hardbounds.

The Author Clock comes in 2 sizes, a smaller variant with a 4-inch display and a 3-week rechargeable battery life, and a larger clock with a 7.5-inch display and an 8-week rechargeable battery life. The electronic-paper display consumes negligible amounts of energy and can stay on perpetually, although the clock can automatically go into power-saver mode while you’re asleep.

The brass knob lets you control the size and font of your text, as well as turn on a child-friendly mode that automatically censors any adult words.

The clocks come with a brass base that helps them stand on desks and shelves, and the larger variant lets you detach the base so you can easily hang the clock on a wall too. A USB-C port on the back lets you charge your literature-quoting clock, and the makers at Mechanical Design Labs are even open to receiving quotes and excerpts from users, to help diversify the Author Clock’s repertoire!

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $150 (20% off). Hurry, only 3/1500 left! Raised Over $1,000,000.