This wooden puzzle lets you build a two-way optical illusion that you can hang as wall art!

As engaging as a jigsaw puzzle, as decorative as wall art, and as visually interactive as an optical illusion, the WoodfloW is an incredibly fun toy that turns hours of engagement into something you can adorn your house with. The WoodfloW consists of multiple strips of wood that you arrange in a linear fashion to create an image… but given the 3D nature of the wooden strips, the image changes depending on where you view it from, effectively creating two artworks in one frame.

Designer: Teslyar

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 ($20 off). Hurry, only 15/350 left!

On a philosophical level, WoodfloW is all about highlighting how the world changes depending on your point of view. The puzzle teaches you to look at the world from different angles, both figuratively as well as literally. The way this happens is by using long square strips of wood, which have different segments of images printed on its different flat faces. Creating a zigzag canvas instead of a traditionally flat one, the WoodfloW effectively gives you two different artworks that exist on the two zigzag surfaces. To view each of the artworks/images, you need to observe your WoodfloW from either the left or the right. When you look at it from the front, you get a chaotic mish-mash of both the images, doubling up as an abstract art piece.

Each WoodfloW comes disassembled, and needs to be put together like a puzzle. Quite similar to matching and joining shredded paper documents, all you need to do is find the wood strips with corresponding artworks and arrange them together, mounting them on a special stand that holds the strips in place. All puzzle pieces can be attached to the stand using the special glue that is included in the set.

A special stand that helps you to keep the puzzle fitted all the time.

Given that the fully-completed WoodfloW can be hung up as wall art, the creators at Teslyar offer three distinct art styles to choose from. You can either choose a Pop-Art WoodfloW, an Impressionist Van Gogh WoodfloW, or a Renaissance Da Vinci WoodfloW. Each WoodfloW is made of high-quality natural hardwoods, such as alder and bleached oak, giving the puzzle durability over time.

Each individual puzzle piece is individually hand-sanded and then comes with the artwork UV printed directly onto the wood, guaranteeing quality not just of the print itself, but even over time. The UV printed artwork offers better, brighter, fade-resistant colors that last much longer than traditional printing techniques, ensuring your wall-hung WoodfloW looks great no matter where it is, be it the office, the living room, or even right at the entrance of your house, so people notice the changing art as they walk past it!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $69 ($20 off). Hurry, only 15/350 left!