We Found a Travel Pillow that Ticks All the Boxes!


Here are a couple of features I look for in a travel pillow. They need to be A. comfortable, B. compact, C. effortless to set-up, and D. size-adjustable. My favorite pillow boils down to how well it scores in the aforementioned rating areas, often accommodating for low scores in one of those departments because frankly, no pillow is perfect… or so I thought before I came across the Candy Cane pillow.

It’s rare, and it requires a great deal of confidence to say that the Candy Cane pillow has no drawbacks. It doesn’t compromise on comfortability, compactness, set-up time, or even size-adjustability. Probably the most portable pillow on the market, the Candy Cane folds and rolls up to literally the size of a lemon. When folded, it practically fits in your palm and can be carried in your pocket, or stashed anywhere in your bag for using later. Unfold it and the pillow opens into a flat, long fabric that’s ready to be inflated. Inflating the Candy Cane quite literally takes seconds too. You can either blow into it, filling it with one or two breaths, or hold its air-inlet near a breezy air source like an air-conditioner vent. The Candy Cane instantly takes shape, and when you’re satisfied with how inflated it is, fold the air-inlet and clamp it shut.

Unlike most doughnut-shaped travel pillows, the Candy Cane comes in a much longer shape that allows you to adjust its size as well as supports your chin (something that is an oversight with most other travel pillows). An elastic band on one end secures to the other end of the cane, sliding up and down, tightening or loosening the pillow around your neck while also giving you the ability to adjust the way the Candy Cane is placed, letting you use it to sleep sitting, or lying down, or even against a wall. The pillow’s extension even lets a partner sleep comfortably against your shoulder, making the Candy Cane the only travel pillow that can be used by two people at the same time.

On the comfort front, the Candy Cane performs just as well as most other pillows. With a moisture-wicking outer fabric that prevents sweaty cheeks and necks, the Candy Cane stays cool and comfortable through your snooze, while an inner polymer lining adds durability to the pillow’s construction. The Candy Cane holds its shape depending on how much air is inside it, allowing you to customize how stiff or cushioned it is, and effectively decide the level of softness you want from your travel pillow.

It’s rare to have a product so effectively tick all the boxes. The Candy Cane is unbelievably compact, and doesn’t even require effort to set up. It’s comfortable for one person, and can adjust in size and orientation to work for two people too. Besides, its unusual shape allows it to be used virtually in any way possible, because true comfort doesn’t lie in rigidity, it lies in allowing you to choose what suits you!

Designer: Nisnas Industries

Click here to Buy Now: $41.00


The FIRST EVER 100% modular travel pillow with 20+ modes that FINALLY let YOU get real healthy sleep on the go.


It’s also the world’s most compact travel pillow.




The only pillow on earth that instantly inflates with one breath.

Just open the air intake and the Candy Cane will deflate.

Chin support is crucial for a good night’s sleep. We got you covered.

Smallest most compact pillow in the world once deflated.

So easy to inflate with your personal A/C vent.

100% modular, this means that all size heads will fit.

So comfortable on your layover…

Even better when camping as an adjustable pillow.

Your head won’t flop around, we have you covered, 360 degrees.

The only travel pillow to be completely washable.

With a double wall inside and outside layers, this pillow is spear sealed and super strong.

Made with a moisture wicking fibre borrowed from sports attire.

The only travel pillow made to be shared.

This is the strongest pillow we could make, hense the layering.

You blow into it from 10 inches away, no need to put your lips to the pillow to blow it up.

So easy to use the A/C vent to blow up this pillow.

Adjust the softness by rolling up and back the main latch.

The main air intake is magnetically sealed for a one snap seal.

This is how lite this pillow is, hurray.

Comes with a handy handle or tail.

So snugglable!

Completely modular to fit against a wall.

Click here to Buy Now: $41.00