This Apple-inspired mini AirPods concept shrinks the classic earbuds down to the size of a bean!

Zarruck Taiseer’s mini AirPods Pro concept shrinks the classic AirPods to the size of two beans and the width of the charging case to the size of a pocket mirror.

AirPods are touchy creatures. While touch sensors are literally integrated into the design and construction of AirPods, the earbuds are also temperamental. Depending on the shape and size of your ear, users wear AirPods differently and give it some time, and each user knows the exact positioning that gets the best sound out of their AirPods.

Inspired by the iconic design language of Apple, 3D artist, and graphic designer Zarruck Taiseer conceptualized a pair of AirPods Pro that scale down the current model to the size of a bean. From its charging case to its silicone earbud covers, everything about Taiseer’s mini AirPods Pro concept is sleek in stainless steel and Polly Pocket-sized. One problem this concept does fix about the current model of AirPods on the market is the bulkiness of its charging case.

While the AirPods’s current charging case takes up no more room in your pocket than a small rock might, the girth and length of the charging case make up more bulk in our pockets than we might like. Taiseer’s mini AirPods Pro concept slims down the charging case to match the side of a half-finished stack of mini Post-Its. The narrow width of Taiseer’s charging case would fit snugly in the same pocket where you keep your wallet.

Wireless earbuds have come a long way since their conception in the 60s. Even today, we’re still pumping out endless iterations of the classic earbud because even the smallest of details matter during operation. While we seem to be downsizing our luxury items across industries, Taiseer’s Apple concept might benefit from a slightly larger build and more secure grips to ensure the smaller size of the AirPods doesn’t affect their hold inside our ears.

Designer: Zarruck Taiseer