This transforming electric vehicle goes from a two-wheel e-bike into a self-balancing unicycle!

Titaa is a dual-purpose, electric vehicle that can transform from a two-wheel e-bike into a self-balancing unicycle.

Unicycles have a reputation for only being used in circuses and carnivals. While unicycle aficionados and hobbyists are surely out there, pedaling away, and without any circus credentials to their name, the one-wheeled bicycle isn’t typically the vehicle of choice for getting around a crowded city.

While riding manual unicycles might be too much of a learning curve for most, self-balancing, electric unicycles sound more like something we could all get behind. Titaa, a unicycle with just those sorts of mechanics, conceptualized by Husky Design is a dual-purpose, modular vehicle that can transform from a bicycle into a self-balancing unicycle.

Getting to know our cities through different modes of transportation brings us to sights and places we previously hadn’t known existed. Titaa is the type of electric bike you’d see zooming down the wooden planks of Santa Monica pier or up the cobblestone avenues of Paris.

In its full form, Titaa is an electric two-wheeler in the shape of a cargo bike. When riding Titaa as a two-wheeler, users sit upright on a curved, elevated seat rest that slopes down toward the bicycle’s set of foot pedals. There, users can rest their feet while the motor charges the e-bike ahead. Built into the rear-wheel component, Titaa runs on a battery-operated system that can be replaced and recharged near the vehicle’s foot pedals.

When users would like to take their shot at riding Titaa as a unicycle, the vehicle’s front-wheel and handlebar system dislodge from the rear-wheel and motor to reveal a motorized one-wheeler. Similar in appearance to single-wheel hoverboards, Titaa differs in that users have an optional seat rest if they choose to sit down while riding. Outfitted with a somatosensory control system, Titaa adapts to your body’s natural movements to remain balanced and respond in real-time to necessary braking.

Designer: Husky Design

When not in use, Titaa’s unicycle form can be handled and carried like a leaf blower or other handheld gardening tools.

Titaa brings a dual-purpose and modular design to city transportation.