This miniature portable washing machine designed for delicate loads means you have fresh laundry anywhere!

This mini washing machine is a portable travel companion ideal for lighter, more delicate loads of laundry that requires only one-third the amount of water that traditional washing machines use.

Getting around to laundry can sometimes feel like a headache. Sorting through our laundry to pick out delicates and white clothing items and ensure we don’t end up with a pink closet can feel more taxing than the actual chore. Besides, once all of our clothing items are sorted, sometimes our pile of white laundry isn’t big enough for its own load in the wash. Streamlining the entire process, a mini portable washing machine designed by Kai Xia hopes to be the small solution for lighter loads.

The mini washing machine as designed by Xia features ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations for increased sterilization rates that ensure a gentle, yet thorough cleaning for each load. The portable washing machine can be plugged into any power outlet prior to use and activated with the touch of a button. Once users have thrown in their clothing items into the machine’s drum, holding the power button down for two seconds will wake up the machine, and pressing it once more will start the wash.

From there, washing is completed in about 15 minutes following a cycle that moves through a forward rotation, reverse rotation, ozone sterilization, forward rotation, reverse rotation, ultrasonic, so forth. By the time each cycle ends, the mini washing machine shuts down on its own.

Constructed from eco-friendly ABS plastic, the mini washing machine is lightweight for easy carrying and impact-resistant, making it ideal for traveling. Xia downsized their washing machine to be more energy-efficient, requiring only one-third the amount of water that traditional washing machines use.

Designer: Kai Xia

Envisioned in mint green, Kai Xia’s washing machines are conceptualized to suit each user’s taste.

Blush beige accents tug on an all-white polished exterior.