A Shift In Refrigeration

The concept behind the Shift Refrigerator is to save energy by minimizing the outflow of cool air. What it wants us to do is use a smaller compartment in the big fridge, on a regular basis. It will be trough this special door that you put your most used food items. The funda being, that when the refrigerator door is opened, cool air flows out and warm air flows in according to how wide the door was opened, resulting in increased use of electric power.

The newer designs in refrigeration do consider this, but all said and done, it’s an issue that cannot be resolved as long as we have kids using fridges. I mean, don’t they just love to open the fridge and take in the cool air while digging into some jelly? So the size of the door or a special compartment will not really matter. But this idea is neat.

Designer: Yong-jin Kim



Shift Refrigerator by Yong-jin Kim