This smart refrigerator designed with a built-in food preparation space promotes mindful eating

The Fresh Fridge is a type of smart refrigerator system with an integrated digital interface that teaches users about mindful eating habits and new cooking recipes.

Diets and eating habits do not come in one size that fits all. We each have our own unique and intuitive approach to eating food in the kitchen. Considering the ways our individual bodies take in and absorb nutrients is the most important step towards a healthful and mindful lifestyle.

While new trendy diets make their way across social media platforms and health food stores, no single diet will fit everyone’s needs. Ditching trendy diets for mindful eating, the Fresh Fridge designed by Tati Feruccio is paired with an array of technical features that encourage a health-conscious lifestyle.

The Fresh Fridge is a sort of smart refrigerator that analyzes each user’s distinct eating and health habits to portion out nutritious meals throughout the day. The main technical detail that stands out is the Fresh Fridge’s digital interface that’s located just above the small refrigerator.

Broadcasting mindful facts and cooking recipes from its screen, the digital interface is like your own personal cooking show for various meals throughout the day. Just below the interface, allocated space for meal preparation feels intuitive and makes following along with recipes while chopping up produce items easier than ever before.

Modular glass food containers can be swapped in and out of different shelves inside the refrigerator so that when you finish meal prepping for the week ahead, you can store each container in its designated spot and easily bring the plexiglass box with you to work or school. Bringing sustainability into the realm of kitchen appliances, Feruccio constructed the Fresh Fridge, each of its interior shelves, and containers from recycled plastic and wooden elements.

Each Fresh Fridge comes with three storage basins, the topmost refrigerated area stores food in low temperatures for produce like leafy greens and berries to remain crisp and cool. Then, just below that shelf, fruits and snacks are stored at slightly higher temperatures, while a flexible zone at the bottom of the refrigerator stores bulkier items like watermelons and spaghetti squash.

Designer: Tati Feruccio

The Fresh Fridge comes with an array of technical features that promote mindful eating habits. 

A glass door shows users exactly what’s inside their refrigerator.