Get Yourself a Kryptonite Keychain!

GasLight Keychain

You’ll never own a keychain cooler than the Gaslight. It embodies absolute steampunk glory with its metal enclosure and a vial of glowing Embrite liquid on the inside. The Embrite absorbs sunlight or any UV light during the day and unleashes its glory in the dark, illuminating enough for you to be able to spot your keychain from a distance. Imagine never having to fumble for your keys in the dark… or in the day too, because the Gaslight looks so fascinatingly geeky, you’re not going to miss it. The Gaslight even works wonderfully as a zipper pull, or just a decorative bag-hang accessory.

Designed with the intent to inspire mystery, the Gaslight almost works like an Anglerfish, glowing in the dark depths of the ocean, attracting creatures to its warm and spellbinding aura. The quirky yet very pocket-able design looks a class apart from any keychain you’ll ever see. The Embrite vial has a peculiarly comforting glow, making you want to touch it, examine it, and own it! You can choose between Aluminum, Black Aluminum, Brass/Copper, and even the ultra-tough Titanium outer enclosure. The Embrite vials within are available in Acid Green and Aqua Blue.

The Gaslight comes from the high-priest of contemporary steampunk EDC (everyday carry), Gamble Staempfli. Inspired primarily by from dystopian science fiction, steampunk fashion, space droid aesthetics and Gothic architecture, Gamble makes products with a rather strong, outworldly character that definitely beckons a second glance. Me, I can barely take my eyes off this spooky, luminous, hypnotic wonder!

Plus what do you know, you may just be able to defeat Superman with this glowing thing. You listening, Bruce Wayne?

Designer: Gamble Staempfli

Buy It Here: $29.00