This compact yet spacious millennial-friendly teardrop trailer comes with a transparent, panoramic viewing roof!

Camper trailers have become a thing these days as they allow the flexibility of exploring the face of the earth without making any compromises. Moreover, the assurance of having a cozy space to sleep in after a day’s arduous journey is always comforting. While most of them can be a bit too big for your needs, ones who crave a compact teardrop trailer that can be hauled with even a ‘not so powerful’ hatchback seems like a good idea for solo explorers who reciprocate with the idea of dwelling in nature.

The all-terrain Mink 2.0 Sports Camper focuses on minimalism while not sacrificing on functionality and quality of built – making it a good option for people who long for infinite freedom. While the camper may look small from the outside it makes use of the interior space quite well. The camper has an expansive panoramic viewing roof balanced out by the contoured windows on each side for enjoying nature’s grandeur en route to an adventure trip. For sound sleep, there is a bunk bed that doubles as extra storage space and has a queen size comfy mattress. To stay clear of cold weather during the night time one can go for the additional oil and solar-powered heating system. What personally appeals to me is the pop of yellow that makes this trailer stand out from the crowd of greys – appealing to the millennial-friendliness of this design!

Jump to the back of the camper and you’ll find a spacious cooking section with plentiful storage space. There’s a countertop with a built-in ice chest, gas stove, and kitchen utensils that’ll get you through any dining requirements. To add more zing to the camper you can opt for the Bose system and state-of-the-art LED lighting system for some extra cash. Overall the Mink 2.0 camper ticks all the checkboxes that an outdoorsy person might have on the priority list and for a base price of €14.160 (approximately $17,342) the camper is a good deal.

Designer: Mink Campers