This tiny portable foam-roller lets you give yourself an instant deep-tissue massage anywhere

Whether it’s after a tough workout, in the middle of training, or at the end of a really stressful day, the Ralévo lets you quickly and easily massage your tense muscles, get the blood flowing, and the body relaxing. Its compact design and micro-suction base let you use it anywhere and on any part of your body – mount it on the wall for a shoulder and back massage, place it on the floor to give your thighs and hamstrings some quick relief, or use it on your desk to relieve wrist and forearm pain, or carpal tunnel flare-ups.

Designer: Ahmad Muammar

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The Ralévo is a cross between your old-fashioned foam-roller and an actual masseuse. Its ridged EVA-foam roller design mimics the feeling of having fingers actually work out your muscles, nerves, and tissues, and its easy-to-mount micro-suction base lets you temporarily stick it anywhere for a quick massage (so you don’t have to fumble with rollers and massage balls that slip or roll away mid-massage).

Has a micro-suction pad that allows the user to stick Ralévo vertically on a smooth surface.

Never worry about dropping your massage ball again.

What the Ralévo really manages to do is take the best aspects of its competition and combine it all into a versatile pain-relief tool that’s perfectly portable and easy to use anywhere. The Ralévo’s palm-sized design means you can chuck it right into your laptop backpack or your gym bag, busting it out when you need some quick de-stressing and pain-relief. As small as it may look, the roller’s base comes with a robust design made from tough ABS plastic and can take up to 250 pounds of weight, making it ideal for a thigh or back massage while you’re laying down on it. The base of the Ralévo comes with rubber feet to prevent it from sliding or shifting mid-massage, and if you flip it over, you’ve got a special micro-suction pad that lets you attach the roller onto any smooth surface (like a wall or the door of your gym locker) for a quick shiatsu session on your shoulders, upper back, or even your lower back. The ability to mount the Ralévo makes it more accessible, letting you massage any part of your body without needing a masseuse or a massage gun.

The Ralévo can be used on any part of your body, working just as effectively as a massage ball or a massage gun (except it doesn’t have a battery or need charging). Use it on your back and shoulders after a long day slouching in front of a computer, or on your arms, thighs, calves, and hamstrings after a heavy workout. You can use the roller on your feet too, following your morning/evening run, or on your forearms and wrists if excessive smartphone/keyboard usage aggravates your carpal tunnel syndrome. The Ralévo is available for an early-bird price of $29 on Kickstarter and begins next year, just in time for your 2022 gym resolutions!

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $45 (35% off). Hurry, only 3/134 left!