Project Bee Helps, Doesn’t Sting

Project Bee is a talking, interactive GPS enabled navigation assistant intended for the visually impaired but there’s no reason why sighted people couldn’t benefit from it either. Lack of independent mobility and access to new emerging technologies has kept the visually impaired market behind but with Project Bee, designer Tao Lin hopes things will change – all via a very stylish bracelet.

The system relies on voice commands, audio and haptic feedback. The video explains it better but be prepared for the long winded intro but what instantly jumps out at me is this device doesn’t look like a “helper.” It looks like something anybody with a tech minded fetish would love and that’s a win-win assuming the whole thing works.

Designer: Tao Lin

project bee concept demo from tao lin on Vimeo.


Project Bee - Navigation Bracelet For The Blind by Tao Lin