How an engineering detail from 1892 became this fidget pen’s most exciting feature

You probably don’t need me to remind you of the phrase “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey”. Chances are, it automatically plays in your head whenever you’re turning a faucet, screwing a bolt, or just about working with pretty much anything that has threading on it… but there is a marvel of engineering that defies this notion – it’s called the dual-threaded screw. Discovered and popularized in 1892, the dual-threaded screw is famous for the fact that it supports both clockwise and anti-clockwise nuts.

Designer: MetMo Design

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Challenging the notion of ‘righty tighty lefty loosey’, dual-threaded screws let you use nuts that tighten in either direction. You could ask an engineer what the practical application of such a screw is, although from my own personal experience of watching mechanical videos on YouTube, it’s definitely interesting and baffling to see how you can tighten this unique screw in practically any direction you want. If you’re having trouble visualizing it, the MetMo pen brings that unique engineering detail to your office stationery set.

The MetMo Pen (short for Metal in Motion) is a metal pen with a machined outer body, featuring the unique dual-thread design. Created for the fidget-enthusiast and the curious-at-heart, the pen comes with two nuts that screw onto it, and lets you experience the quirky joy of watching how this crazy little concept works.

With its machined metal body (featuring the diamond-shaped dual thread design), the MetMo pen is as visually beautiful as it’s tactile. Equipped with a Parker-style refill on the inside, the pen is a sheer pleasure to write with, but its highlight is definitely its unique fidget-feature.

Each MetMo comes with two nuts (that rotate in reverse directions). Made entirely from metal with carefully considered tolerances, these nuts turn the MetMo into the ultimate fidget toy, allowing you to slide them around, move them up and down, flick them with your thumb, and watch them as they rotate in opposite directions, but travel up or down the pen in the same direction.

The MetMo even comes with its own threaded case that lets you easily rotate to either conceal or reveal the entire pen. I’m realizing more and more that words don’t do justice to exactly how bonkers fun the MetMo is, so just go ahead and look at the pictures below or the video above!

The pen comes in two variants – machined either from solid aluminum or solid brass. Both are equally well-balanced (and are a pleasure to hold and write with) although the aluminum weighs a mere 31.5g (1.1 ounces) while the brass variant is much heavier at 92.7g (3.2 ounces) for a more premium, weighted writing experience.

The pen measures 150mm in length and fits all standard parker-type refills. The tip of the pen retracts in too (by rotating the base), and paired along with the two nuts, makes for an incredibly addictive tactile experience that’ll keep you occupied for hours! The aluminum Metmo pen costs $104 while the brass pen has a price tag of $142 – they ARE made from solid metal, after all, with no glue or plastic parts (which means they’re designed to last longer too). For an additional $34, you can even get yourself the add-on brass case for the MetMo!

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