Future Playstation 4?

I love me some Playstation! Not only does this PS4 concept have a natural and believable aesthetic evolution from the PS3, but it is composed of 60% recyclable materials, making it a much greener choice. It also uses 0 watts in standby mode, and with its ECO Restart function games can be saved, the console turned off, and turned back on to resume exactly where the user left off without the need for a full start up, reducing energy waste and prolonging the life of the unit.Further, the unit will automatically shut off primary power after each 30 minute period of playtime and draw energy from it’s rechargeable battery for 5 minutes. The same feature also assists in preventing data loss during a power outage.

The unit connects wirelessly to any DPConnect TV, detecting the appropriate screen resolution as well as identifying the audio output, all in under 4 milliseconds so it’s ready to roll directly after being removed from the box.

Other features include: -1.5TB HDD, Full 3D 4K2K compatible, DLNA, DPhdmi (HDMI Connect), 3D Blu-ray (Blu Ray “DEUCE” Compatible, 3 times more data than the classic blu ray disc), USB 3.0, DPConnect Bravia Sync, Qriocity, Sony Ericsson sync, Cloud Saving, live TV, and even applications for weather, widgets, Gamespot, news, and more!

Designer: Joseph Dumary


  • Gerdain says:

    This is the best concept I’ve ever seen playstation, because it looks more like something that will be released in the coming months. I like the fact that it is environmentally friendly, because a smart console, it has never heard!

  • makaay says:

    A great concept, great inspiration.
    You propose a PS4, a real ps4!
    Exceptional design, I can not wait to buy it!

  • Theo says:

    Why does switching to a battery every 30 mins make this green, the battery is recharged off mains? Also if at the end of the five mins, when the battery is now flat, a power outage occurs, the whole auto save process doesnt work as now there is no mains power and no battery. The tv connection limits range to 7.5m, who has six screens in one room? integrate wifi tv connection and the whole house can play on the same console (of course each screen would need to connect, and each player would need a controller, but a simple device plugged into all screens should do the job). The console is very small, this limits power, this is a great design for a ps3 slim, but sonys new launch consoles are always large. DPConnect is a british IT recruitment company, everyone else uses bluetooth or wifi, of course this leads to lag, which is why serious gamers insist on using wired connections. The cloud based systems and app as described already exist (except cloud based saving, which means that the game can only be played when an internet connection is available, which with current internet means that it can necessarily be used out of the box). And how exactly does blu ray deuce work? cosidering that most discs are far from full, can already offer 3d and are in competition against streamed/downloaded content deuce seems unlikely. This design looks good, but filling it with made up specs to try and make it better just reflects poorly on the design, especially when they are a little silly.

  • Chris says:

    It should be understood Theo, the designer has said that it is to connect up to six tvs in the demonstrations as E3, and Tokyo Game Show for example … In your opinion, the consoles have changed for generations ? I thinkthe console is good, especially this is the first time a home console is not only just playing games

  • eurichs07 says:

    Great looking concept, just wish i could see a controller design with it and how the user interacts with it.

  • Theo says:

    I think the design is good, it looks great, however I think designers should stop making up technology and leave that to the engineers. Changed for generations? the Playstation has consistently been launched as a larger device than its competitors and then has released a slim line version, this has occurred for all three models so far.

  • jimmy says:

    This seems very well thought out. The only thing I can really say about it is that this is probably the PS4 slim. New releases of any playstation tend to be big until just over halfway through its life cycle when technology allows Sony to slim it down.

  • mic says:

    Very nice product design, nothing to say.
    However, the real question about the future of videogaming is how the user will interact with the virtual world. The revolution lies not in the aesthetic of the object.

    Nice product though! 🙂

  • Teto says:

    good design!!this is the best concept i’ve ever seen!
    Call sony center!bravo

  • KTucker says:

    Looks good..not a bad concept…

  • Miniclip says:

    its smaller and yet a good one.. great job!

  • vlad says:

    i do hope u all realize this is not real, its like an upgraded ps2 slim, the specs are crap, the ps4 will be released in the year 2012, to follow its six year shelf cycle, it will not be sooner nor extended, ask SCEA jack trenton, they are working on a future console that nintendo and xbox will not be able to compare. although the wii u is nintendo’s 7th home gaming console for the 8th gen, (yes the nintedo entertainment system is actually their 2nd gaming console) microsoft is the newest, being that the xbox 360 is ms’s 2nd gaming console, with a third over a horizon. it is no dout that the ps4 will surprise us as much if not much more than the playstation vita did and does, i expect the full capability of virtual gaming with\without ps move, as with full 3d autosterioscopy (viewing 3d without the need for 3d glasses) with the (iron man\ironman 2 holographic gadget effects) motion touch sensitive interface, now that is a tru playstation fan\fanatic gamers dream come true.

  • novcze says:

    Yep, that thing with battery is nonsense, if someone is concerned about power outage they already have UPS. And as you said if battery is charged from mains is not going to be greener than standard switching power supply.

  • FLX says:

    Sorry but its ugly as sin. Especially that boinked curve in front of the disc drive. A propos: the uncovered slot means dust would go into the disc drive and ruin it. And nobody builds objects with diagonal disc drives because of vibration issues.

    Sorry for those harsh words but please try harder next time.

  • Tristan says:

    You guys makes me laugh, it’s just a concept! I find it very good, although some specs will not come out until 2014. design is in the spirit of playstation. The Playstation 2 was disgraceful. People not realize that consoles do not change (Design). Just look at the PSP (2004) and PS VITA (* 2012), Nintendo DS (2004) and the Nintendo 3DS (2011), you see huge differences? between the Wii (2007) and the Wii U (2012), it is a huge difference? I like the concept because it represents something that will come out in 2 to 3 years, this is not a futuristic concept. For those who think that Sony will release a concept futuristic, glass,virtual,holo, etc. … well you will go wrong .. I think that Sony, like Nintendo will release a concept close to its PS3, with some details .. People criticize at any cost, without any foundation, and I think if Sony would come out this concept as a PS4, you’ll all be happy to buy it. it reminds me when they announced the boomerang controller …. good job on this concept!!

    FLX: Of course you are looking for something to say, because what you say about the disc at 45 degrees, I don’t get it. People are really…. just to criticize …

  • Arb says:

    Sorry, but the design is ridiculous. It’s just a bunch of arbitrary cuts and angles into a box. The designer went into this with the thought of “ooh lets make it futuristic and spacey”, without any thought of actual industrial design. Look at Dieter Rams if you want a good example of “futuristic” industrial design. It’s not just adding an asymmetric cut here, a little swoopy flair there, and – oh hey – cantilevers are awesome, let’s put one in!

    Oh, and by having the disc tray on the corner makes it impossible to put it next to a shelf wall… you know, like most people do.

  • Lmw odo says:

    Decent the controller however needs some work though

  • destin says:

    I’m proud because the designer, Joseph Dumary, is haitian who lives in France.

  • Danylo says:

    Congratulations man! I don’t see a good project in YD for a long time. This is a amazing concept and a exceptional design!

    Great job!

  • iphone 5 says:

    Play station 4 looking very nice.. it is good news for game lovers. Thanks for your post and pictures.

  • Amazing concept of ps4, i can’t wait to have one. Still long time to release date, i think.

  • Aaron A. Aaronson says:

    Looks like shit to me…won’t buy this pseudo-picasso

  • jack says:

    lets hope the TV prices will be droped because im worryed about the TV not the console price,we wont have the full details of ps4 with our current generation TVs when the PS4 releases…

  • tim says:

    Horribly flawed design. A diagonal disk-slot would get in the way in certain people’s perfect box-slot under their TV set. Standing up, entering a CD would be a mission, because you’ll have to pray you don’t drop the CD, and you have to turn your wrist an awkward 90 degrees. The odd foundation of the under-side will prove faulty when people (yes, people do this) accidentally step on the area above the disk tray – snap, now you have two of the same console! The ON indicator LED being placed on the corner opposite from the DISK slot is inconvenient – just put everything in one easy location I can look it.

    Eye pleasing and very beautiful, but flawed design concepts will make it hard to use.

  • Jens says:

    The Design for the white ps 4 is wonderful and looks like a cool evolution of the ps3 slim-version. And – despite to many other white colored products that are not from apple – it looks very worthy and smooth. Good work! 🙂

  • !'mAwesome says:

    It looks awefully like an AT&T wireless router.

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