This ASMR speaker lets you design your own unique soothing soundscape to help you focus or relax

Instead of choosing from preset audio tracks/apps to relax yourself, SOUL lets you “compose” your own relaxing music. The speaker, or ambient sound generator, comes with 8 sliders on top that control 8 different sound effects – from alpha waves, to raindrops, the sound of a crackling fireplace, bells, birds, and more. Just turn up the sliders to choose the sounds you want, and the SOUL blends them together into a relaxing soundscape that’s unique to you.

Designer: Masato Tsuda

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 (50% off). Hurry, only 10/235 left!

Designed with a specific goal in mind – of bringing you to your place of Zen – the SOUL ambient sound generator boasts of a pure all-white minimalist form factor, with 8 tactile sliders on the top and ambient lighting at the base of the speaker. It doesn’t need connecting to your Wi-Fi, doesn’t come with an app, doesn’t have Bluetooth… Its one job is to help calm you down and not inundate you with features, trackers, paid subscriptions. The sliders on the top are shaped like tactile spherical sliders that let you build out your soundscape, letting you choose between sounds you want and how loud you want them.

8 sets of nature sounds.

Potentially, you could just play with the sliders and transport yourself (through sound) to a quiet forest with birds, or a beach, or even a mountainside with a babbling brook, or in the wilderness during a rainstorm. The 8 sliders let you customize your sound, helping you focus, destress, meditate, or even fall asleep. You can additionally set a timer to turn off your SOUL after 30/60/90 minutes, and an ambient blue light (calibrated at a relaxing 450nm) helps you easily drift off into a gentle sleep at night.

Working quite like a white noise machine (or even your sleeping/relaxing app), the SOUL sits perfectly on your bedside table. Both the speaker’s design and its interface are created to be as simplistic and Zen-like as possible, and its control panel is merely limited to an on/off button, volume controls, the timer, the light switch, and the 8 sliders. The SOUL comes with two high-quality audio drivers and a passive radiator, giving you clear, full-range audio. If you want to hook headphones in, it even comes with a 3.5mm audio input on the back, right near the USB-C port that powers the Zen speaker. The SOUL costs $99, comes with a 2-year warranty, and unlike your sleep-app, doesn’t require any monthly/annual subscriptions.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 (50% off). Hurry, only 10/235 left!