Heavy Shopping Bags Need Some Air For Easy Carry

We learnt in grade school that lesser the surface area, the more pressure it exerts and vice versa. Applying this theory to making it easy to carry heavy shopping bags, means to somehow increase the surface area of the bag-handles. I’ve seen people fold in a napkin to their grip, so that the bags doesn’t exert that much pressure; however Hyo-eun & Eun-seok have devised the Tube Grip instead. It’s an inflatable polyvinyl chloride strip that provides supporting grip; easing the pressure on your hand. Small enough to fit into your purse, the only thing that looks grim about it is the worry of an accidental puncture.

The Tube Grip Won an iF Concept Design Award 2010.

Designers: Hyo-eun Kim & Eun-seok Kim