The D-Sign Light is a Literal Interpretation of the ‘Creative Spark’!

This isn’t really what I meant when I said ‘light typeface’, but I quite like the idea! The D-Sign Light tries to put a creative spin on the light-bulb, literally a symbol of creativity and the ‘eureka’ moment, by taking the filament and turning it into something more meaningful than a basic coil. Exploring examples of text and imagery, the D-Sign light aims to be much more personal and heartfelt than a regular light that simply illuminates, because when the D-Sign lights up, it does so in its alluringly spectacular fashion, as the filament which forms words like Idea, Home, Love, etc. light up.

Simple, yet effective, the D-Sign is a light with emotional and creative value. Perfect for personalized spaces, studios and apartments, the lights illuminate spaces and hearts (wouldn’t it be a great fit in a creative organization or a design studio though?). With a selection of texts (and even a duck shaped filament to choose from), the D-Sign light comes independently or with a selection of accessories to help it decorate your home better. The filaments come in regular and vertically inverted formats (for standing or hanging lamp orientations), and can be used with your regular screw-in light fixture or used with D-Sign’s light holder, or D-Sign’s incredibly chic lamp designs.

Made to be dimmable, so you can not just choose how much light you want the bulb to emit, but also choose how visible the text is, the D-Sign light was created to be perceived as not just a regular literal source of light, but a source of delight too!

Designer: Teddy Tsoi

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