The Tego Adventure Kit lets you build your custom utility kit… like you’re Batman

With 7 modules to choose from, the Tego Adventure Kit lets you slide on, slide off, interchange, and rearrange your travel kit to build exactly what you need. The roll-up bag is perfect for everything, from your mechanic tools to stationery, gadgets, toiletries, grooming equipment, makeup, medical instruments, or even your high-tech crime-fighting gear if you’re a masked vigilante. Its modules let you carry a wide variety of accessories/belongings wherever you go, and you can just roll everything up into a compact little bundle that’s easy to carry around with you.

Designer: Parker Thomas

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The Tego Adventure Kit takes the format of the roll-up toolkit and transforms it into something much more polished, and infinitely versatile. The very basic framework of the bag lies in its different modules – or sets of mesh-lined pockets – that are all differently designed to carry different things. Whether you’re using them to carry tools or toothbrushes, grooming equipment or charging cables, or just about any small item, the Tego Adventure Kit gives you different modules to easily organize, store, and separate them based on your need.

The swappable modules can be rearranged in up to 327 different variations, letting you really organize everything down to the last item. You can attach multiple modules together to make a longer roll-up bag, or just use the modules on their own, sliding them into your backpack as organizing pouches.

The roll-up toolkit was designed to help you easily ‘lay out’ your tools in a nice spread so you could see all of them and pick out the ones you needed based on the task at hand. The Tego Adventure Kit works similarly, letting you organize and bundle up your belongings for carrying around easily, and allowing you to roll everything out flat so you can access exactly what you need whenever you need it. That’s when the mesh-lined modules come in handy too, basically allowing you to easily spot all your items.

All of the Adventure Kit’s modules come made from a durable, waterproof fabric crafted from recycled plastic bottles (each Tego Adventure Kit uses 2.7 bottles per kit). Based on your need, you could use the Adventure Kit as an easy-carry toolkit, a makeup kit, a travel toiletries bag, a stationery set, or just a pouch to easily carry and organize your tech accessories like cables, multiports, hubs, pen-drives, and SD cards.

The modules slide on or off, allowing you to expand your kit, or just carry the stuff you really need, and the roll-up kit comes with a nifty little hanger hook so you can unroll and hang your kit anywhere – a rather useful feature if you’re using it to store your toiletries, grooming kit, or your makeup kit while traveling!

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $100 (31% off). Hurry, exclusive deal for YD readers only! Raised over $190,000.